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NEW 19th November 2023 v3.8.1

New in version 3.8.1  (A bug fix version of v3.8):

  • Fixed issues related to file or gate change in overlaid dotted displays.
  • Fixed issues related to dot scaling (scaling according to display size or scaling on a parameter value, usually FSC).
  • Added advisory message regarding seeking clusters within a dotted display.
  • Added advisory message regarding reading a presentation including its gates, regions and windows.

New in version 3.8:

New in version 3.7.2 (A bug fix version of v3.7.1):

  • Allowed the reading of presentations containing file or folder names with accented characters.
  • Improved handling of Gallios data with log scaling 10^-1 to 10^3 where stored presentations omitted that scaling info and misplaced the stored regions.
    • Note: Existing presentations will still not be correctly read and must be reconstructed using this Weasel version.
  • Allowed the reading of compensation settings from Accuri data file $SPILLOVER key values despite the use of commas as decimal point place markers.

New in version 3.7.1 (A minor enhancement of v3.7):

  • Improved reliability of automatic region creation for real-time cell cluster discovery (more...).

All existing licences will be valid for this version. 

New in version 3.7 (Parallel Coordinates displays):

  • Reintroduction of the traditional Parallel Coordinates displays for multi-parameter data. Now leveraging cell cluster analysis or pseudo colour colour coding (more...).
  • A major revision and expansion of Weasel's Population Linking technique (more...).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed unreported bugs associated with the use of 5-decade log scaling.
  • Fixed  bug associated with set and clear of cluster gates.
  • Improved show and hide of 1D gating regions (windows).
  • Prevented dialog windows locating off screen.
  • Fixed issues with activation of 3D displays after group formatting of display arrays.

Many thanks to users for their bug reports and requests for enhancement.  Please keep them coming. 

New in version 3.6 (Cluster Discovery "On The Fly"):

  • Further extension of Weasel's population exploratory capability with real-time cell cluster discovery (more...).
  • Batch file processing for multiple files now handles many data files with optional progress printouts.
  • Increased the maximum allowed number of 2D regions, biplot regions and 1D regions (windows).
  • More convenient deletion of multiple unwanted gates, regions, biplot regions and windows.
  • Added more contextual help buttons.
Bug fix version 3.6.1:
  • Fixed occasional "freeze" while creating new gates.
Bug fix version 3.6.2:
  • Fixed error upon save and retrieve of presentations containing 5-decade log displays.
  • Fixed occasional unexpected loss of gates in on-screen displays when adding a new gate.
New in version 3.5 (Introduction of 3D Biplots, Presentations saved as .xml):
  • In a novel enhancement of the conventional biplot display, a 3D biplot display is introduced in which transformed data can be projected onto a 3D data space rather than the conventional 2D plane (more..).
  • Presentations are now saved in a more compact .xml format rather than the previous plain text. Files are now more easily human-readable and can be viewed in a web browser or even user edited (see Saving Presentations/File Format:).
  • 3D Biplots and 3D Dotplots now benefit from a much faster (more than 13-fold) repaint technique that greatly improves the mouse-driven animation experience.

Minor enhancements:

  • Use appropriate data-source-dependent full scale parameter values for use in stats calculations. 
  • Give flexibility in single or merged file selection (now allows single to merged or merged to single files changes for any display.
  •  Added a "clear all" button to the parameter ratio setting dialog.
New in version 3.4.2: Released 13th September 2017 [Bug fix version: features as in v3.4].
  • Corrected reading of older Weasel presentation files. 
  • Setting of markers on histograms fixed for data with large numbers (e.g. Astrios files).
  • Clipped exponents in display of numerical statistics for large numbers fixed (e.g. 4.294E9).
  • Numerical statistics for ACluE-assigned clusters revised and corrected. 
  • Numerical statistics obtained from BiPlot displays revised and corrected.
  • Occasional histogram curve fit failure fixed.
  • Fixed occasional blank displays in display windows.
New in version 3.4: Released 10th August 2017 with ACluE support
  • Gate displays on a subset of ACluE cluster designations.
  • Cluster gating includes selection of a percentile of closest cluster members.
  • Colour code dotted displays according to cluster designation using the ACluE "alphabet colours".
  • Present statistics on individual clusters. 
New in version 3.3.3: Released 21st March 2017
  • Improved setting and display of time axis, particularly for Bio-Rad S3 data.
  • Corrected Biplot format when including a Time parameter.
  • Improved accuracy of fluorescence compensation calculation.
  • Where the data file contains no scaling hints, guess the appropriate log/linear scale for each parameter.
New in version 3.3.2: Released 20th November 2016
  • Fixed the error in stats list using "Read All Files In Sequence".
  • Improved the reading and display of CytoFlex data files.

New in version 3.3.1: Released 4th July 2016

  • Fixed the anomalous region stats values seen after transforming regions between 4 and 5 decade log scales.
  • Revised the "User-Defined Parameter Labels and Scales" section.
  • Revised the display annotation section.
  • Revised and simplified the launch procedure Weasel.cmd for PC to allow flexible location of the Weasel folder.
  • Help files are now embedded so there is no failure to find them for any Weasel folder location on any computer type.
New in version 3.3: User friendlier version released 18th September 2015
Tool Box
  • A tool bar has been added for simpler, one-click initiation of most operations. It can be dragged to any edge of the Weasel screen or dragged off completely in its own window.  Aficionados of the old school who have memorized the accelerator keys may delete it completely to save screen real estate.
  • A "Change Format.." command is now available for collections of selected displays.  Selected displays of all forms can be changed to a uniform format.  This expands the operations (printing, gating, change of file, etc.) on any collection of displays selected from those on screen
  • Display format dialogs have been simplified for their first appearance when creating a new display and the former File and Batch list now only shows the batch mode controls when requested. New users in particular will feel more comfortable with having fewer controls to deal with but all controls can be exposed as needed.
  • In data files acquired by Summit Software and perhaps other  systems, user-entry of a stain label is possible that is identically applied to multiple forms -Area, -Height and -Width of an acquired parameter.  Weasel now resolves the three forms.
  • When cluster analysis designations are to be used in gating or colour coding, the cluster parameter number is now obtained from the data file rather than being stored in Gate definitions, thus making Gates applicable to a wider range of data files.
  • Longer parameter names are now displayed without truncation.
  • Fluorescence compensation on data files from inFluxTM or FACSJazzTM are now more in keeping with BD Sortware procedures in that the raw data ADC parameters are used as input but the compensation is applied to DSP parameters.
New in version 3.2.1: Release: 19th January 2015
  • Gates can now be created by a faster "auto gating" mechanism.
  • FCS data files containing more parameters can now be read.
  • The pop up menu for parameter selection in a display is now scrollable so that it is contained within the Weasel window.
  • Logarithmic parameter scaling can now be 4 or 5 decade.
New in version 3.1: Released 5th November 2012
  • [Major] An array of on-screen displays may be selected for collective operations like file change, gate change, duplication or deletion.
  • [Minor] Following the calculation of statistics on multiple data files using "Read All Files in Sequence", the displayed file reverts to that originally displayed.
Bug Fixes:
  • Improved the reading and subsequent export of large or merged FCS data files.
  • Fixed digitising errors when reading low-res (256-1024 channel) log scaled data.
  • Improved the density-based colour coding for dot plots where there are few dots showing.
  • Improved the reading of presentations with background-subtracted histograms.
  • Fixed bug in reading DiVa analysis templates with imbedded spaces in gate names.
  • Improved reading of inFlux data.
  • User-assigned time scale axes are applied more consistently.

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