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Pseudo Imaging

Introduced in Weasel in 2003.

A dot plot's dots are replaced by "sprites" of diameter dependent on a selected scaling parameter (usually FSC) and coloured with red, green and blue components reflecting the values of up to 3 parameters (often those for reddish, greenish and bluish fluorochromes). Thus, a 2D dot plot shows up to 6 pieces of information per cell, a 3D dot plot may show up to 7 pieces and a biplot may show up to 4 pieces more than the number of plotted parameters.


Displays shown above are a conventional 2D dot plot, a 3D dot plot and a biplot. The dots are coloured with red, green and blue components proportional to the FL2, FL1 and FL3 parameter values.  The dot sizes are scaled to FSC. Note that the colour code parameters are also shown in the above displays as plotted parameters for illustration only.

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