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Parallel Coordinates displays

New in Weasel version 3.7: Released 18th August 2020

Parallel Coordinates plotting was one of the original methods for displaying multi-parameter flow cytometry data.  There is no theoretical limit to the number of parameters displayed but its usefulness in Weasel leverages colour coding techniques developed for dot plots.  Thus, it becomes possible to view data as separate cell clusters and directly determine positivity or otherwise of each parameter. 

In Parallel Coordinates plots, each cell is represented by a segmented line intersecting a sequence of vertical parameter axes at the cell's parameter value. The active parameters are user-selected from the collection of parameters stored in the FCS data file. Various forms of colour coding may be used to show cell clusters. For example colour on existing gates or regions, pseudo-colour or, for files cluster analysed by the ACluE program,  coloured on cluster number.

Parallel Coordinates displays are also extremely valuable participants in Weasel's Population Linking technique.

This data has been "Pseudo Coloured", which has long been a Weasel Dot Plot technique (see the PSEUDO IMAGING description in the display browser on the Weasel Home page). Here, each line colour has a red component depending on TCRB, green depending on B220 and blue depending on CD45.

The same data has been coloured according to cluster numbers assigned by the separate ACluE cluster analysis program.  Colours are assigned from a standard ACluE palette.

This is the same data as above with a single cluster selected.   The degree of positivity for each parameter is directly displayed.

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