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Overlayed Dotted Plots

New in Weasel version 3.8: Released 10th August 2023

Overlayed dotted displays are an exciting development of standard dotted displays.  They are useful particularly in a research context or in any flow cytometric analysis where a collection of identifiable cell populations (clusters) is evident.  Overlaying the data from different samples (for example, as in these displays) shows the appearance of additional or altered populations (clusters) resulting from different treatments of a reference cell sample. 

In the figures below, the plots are, from left, a conventional 2D Dotplot and a 2D Biplot that are both static, and a 3D Dotplot and 3D BiPlot that can both be animated. 

Dots of the reference, untreated sample are coloured green, those from treatment A are blue and those from treatment B are red.  

Click on the right plot to animate and show the 3-dimensionality.        Remember, in Weasel, 3D rotation and tilt are adjusted by mouse.

  Static2DPlots Fixed3DPlot

Plots are: 1: 2D DotPlot, 2: 2D BiPlot, 3: 3D DotPlot and 4: 3D BiPlot. Dots are Green for untreated, blue for treatment A and red for treatment B. There are obvious regions where the data from all three files are interspersed, indicating populations (clusters) that have been unmoved by either treatment but there are also clusters that are predominantly red, arising from treatment B data, or blue, arising from treatment A data..

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