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Reintroduced in Weasel version 3.0 after removal for v2.0

Matrix arithmetic is used to transform the axes of the multi-dimensional data space so that minimal information is lost after projection (flattening) onto a 2D plane.  The biplot display form has long been used in the social sciences but was introduced as a flow cytometry display form by Bruce Bagwell last century.

Colour coding in the following figure is according to ACluE cluster analysis but may be based on existing regions or gates or on pseudo colour.


Biplot displays are useful in spreading the populations present in a data file thus avoiding the considerable effort of devising a suitable set of conventional 2D displays to achieve that result. In Weasel, biplot populations can be enclosed in regions as for conventional displays and those regions may be used in gating.

See also the novel 3-dimensional biplot.

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