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Weasel for Display and Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data

Weasel is a computer program for off-line display and analysis of flow cytometry data.  Versions are available for Macintosh, Windows PC and for other systems with Java (v1.7 or better) installed. Weasel has a long heritage in the area of exploratory data analysis through innovative techniques in visual displays. 

See also the companion program ACluE for cluster analysis identification and delineation of sub-populations in multi-parameter data.

Weasel is available for public download.  A fully functional copy can be downloaded free for a 30 day trial.  Thereafter, a small licence fee is required. 


  • Common display forms (histograms, contour plots and dot plots).
  • More exotic forms (3D dot plots, population linked displays, pseudo-imaging and 2D and 3D biplots).
  • Batch mode processing.
  • Merging and exporting FCS data files. 
  • Export of high resolution graphics.
  • Numerical statistics. 
  • Handles multi-block data (Beckman-Coulter LMD, *Guava, *Cell-Dyn).

NEW! Released 9th September 2020: Weasel: v3.7.1, an enhancement of version 3.7 with Parallel Coordinates displays and expansion of the Population Linking technique. [See the New Version page for info]

Browse through displays of some of the features below... 

HISTOGRAMS: May have overlays of differing gates or from different data files. More than one parameter may be shown. Histogram orientation can also be changed to match 2D displays as shown in the inset.


Descriptions of some of the most useful Weasel features that are uncommon or even unique will feature on our Facebook pages. Visit us there from time to time to discover the latest entry. 

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