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NEW 28th December 2021!  Latest version ACluE v3.0.3

This is a user-friendly revision of the ACluE first release.  New features:

  • Minor bug fix in processing and saving multiple data files. 
  • Minor bug fix for reading historical data (older FCS standard).
  • Minor bug fix in re-reading a data file after change of settings.
  • Increased prominence of the "merging" controls.
  • Re-organised screen layout and allowed re-sizing within scroll bars.
  • Revision of the "Help" files.
ACluE is available for download. Obtain a fully functional free trial version from the download page.

13th August 2017 Major Revised Version of ACluE: v3

This was a major revision of the original ACluE first created last century.  All significant features are new. 
  • Handles large modern data files at relatively high speed. 
  • Creates a "dissimilarity" array of the inter-cluster distances with a view to discovering erroneously fragmented clusters.
  • Offers a "Cluster Compare" feature that plots a comparison of clusters using the parameters best showing their differences. 
  • Provides a method for finding a cluster by its fluorescence or light scatter characteristics.  
  • Allows for "trimming" of clusters by selecting a percentile of cells closest to their designated cluster.

Many thanks to those early adopters who gave ACluE 3Beta a vigorous workout and discovered small errors that were fixed in the Beta2 version..

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