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Acquire an ACluE Licence

Following your free 30 day trial, continued use of ACluE requires a small licence fee, the proceeds from which are used to support further development.  This is not an annual fee but is payable once only for permanent use of the current version. 

As has been the case for earlier versions, licensed users of the Weasel flow cytometry data analysis and display program will have free access. ACluE will run on any computer where a licensed Weasel is already installed.

A single ACluE licence for one computer type (e.g. Macintosh) is valid for installation on 4 computers.  A dual licence is also available that is valid for installation on 8 computers of any mix of types. 

ACluE licences should be purchased on-line from this page using PayPal or credit card.  If this is impossible for institutional purchasers, please contact the author. Please be aware that return of your licence code is a manual operation and will not occur immediately.

Licensee - 4 to 12 letters (may be a Person, Group or Institute) *:

Licensee E-mail address for return of your licence code *:

IMPORTANT! If you have a licence for the Weasel program you do not need a separate licence for ACluE

I do NOT have a Weasel licence. *

I have downloaded and tested a trial version of ACluE. *

I have read and understood the licence Terms and Conditions. *

* Required

NOTE: Upon selection you will be transferred to the PayPal web site for secure payment either by credit card or by PayPal account.

Single licence for Macintosh (4 installations) $AUD100.00
Single licence for Windows PC or unix varieties (4 installations) $AUD100.00
Dual licence for mixed computer types (8 installations) $AUD200.00
Multi-licence for mixed computer types (80 installations) $AUD500.00

For more information on licensing or if problems arise in licence purchase, please contact the author

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