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Welcome to Flow Cytometry Software, home of Weasel, a leader in graphical analysis of flow cytometry data and ACluE for discovery of cellular clusters in the data.

New! 20Jul2024 Weasel v3.8.2, a new feature and bug-fix version of Weasel v3.8 is now available.  See the new version page for details.

10Aug2023 The new Weasel revision, 3.8, is now available. Now with a powerful tool for discovering cell population changes by overlaying data files in all dotted display forms (2D and 3D dotplots, 2D and 3D biplots)  (see more..). 

28Dec2021 Latest version of the ACluE fcs cluster analysis engine.

Flow Cytometry Software:

  • WEASEL flow cytometry software for data analysis and display.
  • ACluE Cluster analysis for multi-parameter flow cytometry data.
  • SliceAndDice single cell sorting program for InfluxTM and FACSJazzTM to maximally sample cellular diversity.
  • ConFlux for InfluxTM and FACSJazzTM performance tracking.
  • Web-based FCMDesigner for fluorochrome and optical filter matching.

Free Flow Cytometry Software:

  • The Cellular Symphony: experimental musical analysis tool.
  • Hackit: for clipping violated data from a FCS data file.
  • De-Identifier: For removing patient details from FCS data.

Other general utility software including:

  • Graph Reader utility for data extraction from line  graphs.
  • Ray tracer for flow cytometric sort regions.
  • BinPeeker for display and editing of binary data files.
  • ALSO: Consultation on specialist scientific software development.

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