• Flow cytometry facility establishment.
  • Staff recruitment and training.
  • Instrument refurbishment and upgrade.
  • Specialist scientific software development.

Completed and continuing projects :

  • WEASEL flow cytometry data analysis and display program.
  • SliceAndDice single cell sorting program for InfluxTM and FACSJazzTM to maximally sample cellular diversity.
  • ConFlux for InfluxTM and FACSJazzTM performance tracking.
  • ACluE Cluster analysis for multi-parameter flow cytometry data.
  • Web-based FCMDesigner for fluorochrome and optical filter matching.

Other general utility programs  include:

  • Graph Reader utility for data extraction from line  graphs.
  • Ray tracer for flow cytometric sort regions.
  • BinPeeker for display and editing of binary data files.

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